Activism Analysis Paper

This paper involves a close analysis of Wangari Maathai's autobiography, Unbowed. The book traces Maathai's evolution as a powerful activist, eventually winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

In this paper you carefully describe and analyze a single aspect Maathai's emergence as an activist.

Possible topics include:

the role of her cultural background,

the role of her education,

her emergence as a female leader in a male dominated society,

her approach to community organizing,

letter writing,

use of media,

use of African languages,

form, join, or lead an organization, 

collaboration with other organizations,

mass protest,

occupation of public and private spaces,

seeking international support, 

planting of trees,

defense of human rights,

story telling - testimonies, 

hunger strikes, 


strategies of resistance occupying, refusing cooperation, resisting the police, sit-ins,

getting arrested, 

other strategies you identify.

Choose one and possibly other closely related aspects/approach, describe carefully using quotations from Unbowed, and analyze how this aspect/approach is effective. Your paper should be at least 4-5 pages.

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