This course invites you to broaden your learning about Africa in a wide variety of intellectually meaningful and truly enjoyable ways. Write a paragraph about each investigation you conduct and send an an email to the whole class and the professor. These should be conducted this semester for this class -- things you have done in the past or in other classes can't be "double counted" for this assignment.

For a "C" minimum 40 pts

For a "B" minimum 60 pts

For an "A" minimum 80 pts

For "extra credit" minimum 100 pts

For "extra, extra credit" minimum 120 pts

Possible explorations include:

  1. Reading additional African literature (see list for possible points)
  2. Watching a full-length African Film made in Africa (10)
  3. Watching a full-length American or European documentary about Africa (8)
  4. Watching a full-length Hollywood or European film made about Africa (8)
  5. Eating African food at an African Restaurant (ie. Jambo Cuisine (Tanzanian) or Omoefe's Place (Nigerian - call ahead)). (Alas, as of 2022, both of these Kalamazoo African restaurants have closed!)
  6. Cooking a full African meal with several dishes for your friends or family following authentic receipes (10)
  7. Going to an African exhibit at a real museum (10)
  8. Going to an African exhibit at an on-line museum (4)
  9. Studying specific websites about Africa (4)
  10. Studying African Art on line (4)
  11. Developing your own art work responding to African art (10)
  12. Talking with a non-African with first hand experience living in Africa or addressing a problem in Africa (10)
  13. Attending a lecture on Africa (10)
  14. Studying a problem and/or issue in Africa at the library (8)
  15. Studying a problem and/or issue in Africa on-line (4)
  16. Meeting and talking for an hour with an African Student at WMU (10)
  17. An extended email exchange with an African person in Africa (10)
  18. Attending or touring a mosque or Islamic Center (10)
  19. Talking with a non-African Islamic person about their religion (8)
  20. Listening to a CD of African music (6)
  21. Attending an African Cultural Event (10)
  22. OTHER as approved by the professor (?)

Starting ideas:

African Film:


Stanford Library

Documentaries about Africa:

Free Documentaries
Top Documentary Films
Documentary Wire

Additional Ideas:

Omoefe's Place Restaurant

Zooruna's Restaurant

Sharma King Restaurant

News from Africa on All Africa.com

National Museum of African Art 

Listen to African Music


Stumble Upon Africa

And so many more!



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Revised: 1/22