Solutions Project

Our reading raises many challenges facing Africa today. The Solutions Project is undertaken to address, in some measure, issues raised in our reading and research about Africa.

Students will identify a common issue to address and work in teams, and in collaboration with exisiting organizations to address that issue, perhaps including Students 4 Africa, the Registered Student Organization (RSO) created by students in a previous semester African literature class.

Throughout the semester students will research, design and carry out one or more projects. Each class sessions will devote some time to facilitate work and collaboration, though most work on the solution projects will take place outside of class.

The solutions projects should have the following features:

  1. Research that richly and carefully analyzes the problem addressed.
  2. Collaboration with organizations, experts, and Africans.
  3. Plan or program of action for your participation in a "solution."
  4. Report on steps undertaken. This report can take many forms including journals, observations, documents, photos, film, interviews, etc.
  5. Documentation on a class website/wiki about the project(s).

All students are expected to demonstrate the finest skills of collaboration and team work.

At the hour of the Final Exam, each student will submit a three-page analysis of their work and propose a final grade for the project, subject to professor modification.

Previous Solutions Projects:

2010 Western4Water Project

2011 Students 4 Africa: Website, Video

The Solutions Project is an example of Service Learning.

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Revised: 9/14