A Course Addressing the Literature of a Social Movement

The final project is to envision a course (or a substantial unit of 6 weeks or more) that you could teach focusing on a specific social movement and its literature, and drawing on what we have learned in the seminar about teaching the literature of social movements.

The course or unit should be rich with reading, literature, engaging and meaningful writing, and ways for students to become involved in contemporary citizen action. You are welcome, even encouraged, to consider Frieresque teaching approaches and strategies.

When you design your course or unit, plan for it to be a version of a class that is currently being taught or that could be taught at a university or school you know or work in. Thus the course or unit that you plan will be created for students at a known grade / academic level, of a known socio-economic profile, and within some framework of existing instruction. This framework may influence the way you organize your course or unit. Explain this context in your project.

Your project should consider these questions:

How you will focus and organize your course?

What do you hope students will learn?

What texts and materials do you plan to use and how do the texts and materials relate to each other?

How will your students engage in inquiry? What critical questions will students likely be exploring? How can their questions help direct what they are learning? Will you incorporate student research?

How will you incorporate writing? Generative AI? What assignments will you give?

How will you incorporate student choice?

How will you incorporate action taking and citizenship education?

How will students be graded and how will you incorporate self-evaluation?

Include an outline of study (does not have to be a formal syllabus), a calendar of reading and activities, a sample lesson plan or lesson plans, and/or specific assignments or other instructional materials you create.

Publish your course on the Internet at a site such as Wix.com and provide me with the URL as soon as you have it. (The project does not have to be finished when you give me the URL.)

Although it will be published online, perhaps as a kind of website, the course or unit plan should be at least more or less equivalent to 15 pages of writing.

Prepare to share your course with the seminar during the final exam hour.

When you finish, write a self-evaluation, at least a page long, give yourself a grade on the Final Project, and email to the professor within 24 hours after the final exam hour.


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Date: 1/24