Climate Migration Public Document

Climate migration is already a major issue world wide, and its scale and urgency will increase as the climate crisis unfolds, yet the topic is under addressed by governments, international bodies and non-profit organizations. The goal of this assignment is to have students in our class help to fill that gap.

Taking on this crucial issue you will create a public document, such as an international declaration of the United Nations, a policy statement from the White House, a manifesto from a particular group or organization, a charter for a governmental or non-governmental institution, a proposal for a set of national or international laws, or, with the professor's approval, any other "public document" addressing the topic of climate migrants / refugees. 

Your document should draw on reading from our class, your own research, and examination of other public documents of a similar nature - see the list below. Also study the examples below from a previous semester. These poor students did this assignment before ChatGPT and generative AI! You, on the other hand, are encouraged to use AI - work hard with it to create truly outstanding documents.

Your document should be written in a public voice, and, in some measure, reflect the style/organization of documents typical of its type. Its content is, of course, up to you.  Most public documents include some kind of preamble or introduction and explicit or implicit objectives and outcomes.

Your document should be potentially helpful to governments, leaders, organizations, and citizens.

Your document should be at least the equivalent of 5 double-spaced pages, more welcome.

Publish at Google Sites or Wix or some other accessible online site and take advantage of the online format to include links, images, etc. If you borrow images link them back to the source. If you use AI generated images explain in your AI statement. Provide the professor with the URL so that a list of policy documents can created below. (Provide the URL as soon as you have it; I won't read it until it is officially "due.")

Of course, make your document as realistic and possible, but also clearly label the document as created for a class project. Also, if you used generative AI have a clear statement that explains how you used it.

Documents to Draw On:

UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights

UN Human Rights, Climate Change, and Migration

UN High Commission on Refugees

UN 1951 Refugee Convention

Climate Refugees.org

Building Global Governance for "Climate Refugees"

People's Agreement of Cochabamba

A New Framework for US Leadership on Climate Migration

White House: Report on the Impact of Climate Change on Migration

The Climate and Environmental Charter for Humanitarian Organizations

Global Compact for Responsible Corporate Behavior on Climate Change

World Resources Institute: Responsible Corporate Advocacy on Climate Policy

UK Universities Climate Change Declarations

Documents Students Created:

Spring 2023

Chloe Byron

Shelby Hoskins

Savanah Kaechele

Brooke Klusek

Shane Stadler

Sonny Vitello

Karli Boer

Elysa Bratic

Jackson Distrelrath

Amelia Dowswell

Mason Larva

Claudia Ligman

Alison Martin

Joe Staktowski

Spring 2024

Jackson Hammerschmidt

Griffin Harmer

Donavin Harte

Savannah Swinehart

Camryn Truex

Maddy Wabindato

Kaely Cooper

Zac Drumm

Tommy Malkowski

Olivia McQueen

Eden Scott

Olivia Turner

Ethan Weldert

Savannah Wirth

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Revised Date: 2/24