Imagery Analysis Paper

The purpose of this paper is to take a very close look at the use of poetic imagery and develop an argument about how the influence of this imagery on the meaning, tone, or argument of the poem.

Choose a poem you like -- you are going to spend a great deal of time with this poem and are going to come know it inside and out! Choose a poem that uses a number of images, specific and vivid depictions, metaphors, or figurative language.

After studying the poem carefully, underline or write down the imagery invoked by the poem.

What is the meaning, tone, or argument of the poem? How do these images support, elaborate, extend, or enhance the poem's meaning, tone or argument? The answer to this question can become the thesis of your paper.

Decide how you will use the images in the poem to develop an argument to support your thesis. Careful attention to the imagery, sometimes thoughtful and extensive comments on individual words or phrases, will be the key to writing a strong essay.

Review the MLA Handbook regarding the use of quotations from poetry to support your argument (in the 6th Edition, section 3.7, pages 109-113).

Write a rough draft of your paper, at least four pages long. Bring the rough draft to class on 9/21. A carefully revised final draft is due 9/26.

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