Secondary English Language Arts Methods Courses
On-Line Syllabi

Teaching Literature / Combined Writing and Literature Focus

Teaching Literature in the Secondary Schools, English 4800, Allen Webb, Western Michigan University.

Teaching English in the Secondary School Linda Haranhan, George Mason University, 2005.

Methods of Teaching Literature in Secondary School, Keisha McIntyre-McCullough, Florida International University, 2019.

Theory and Practice of Teaching Literature, Summer Pannell, Truman State University, 2017(?).

Culturally Responsive Approaches to the Teaching of Literature in Secondary Schools, NCTE Policy Research Brief,   2021. (Not a syllabus, but can be used like one.)

Teaching High School Literature, Jonathan Cullick, Northern Kentucky University, 2016.

Methods of English Teaching, Scott Jarvie, San Jose State University, 2022.

Teaching Composition and Literature in Secondary Schools, Brad Jacobson, U of Texas El Paso, 2020.

Methods of Teaching English in the Secondary School, Laura Horvath, George Mason University, 2004.

Seminar on the Teaching of Literature: How and Why We Teach, , Pam Grossman, Stanford, 2010(?).

Teaching English in the Secondary School, Education 569, Linda Hanrahan, George Mason.

Reading and Teaching Literature in the Secondary Schools, Education 629, Ingrid Johnson, University of Alberta.