Tempest Literary Analysis
Scholarly Research Paper

After your careful reading of the Tempest, class discussion, examination of art and perspectives on the play, the Tempest Virtual Reality experience, and our introduction to literary theory in general and Tempest scholarship in particular, the Tempest Literary Analysis paper is the culminating project of Literary Interpretation.

The goal of this paper is to defend one a theoretically informed view of the play. The Tempest can be read as the ultimate 1) expression of Shakespeare's stagecraft, 2) postcolonial commentary on British settlement in the New World, 3) dramatization of Renaissance magic and art, 4) exploration of political power, intrigue, and rebellion, or 5) examination of gendered and power relationships within the family.

Which reading of the play do you support? Why?

Develop an argument supporting one of these readings. Draw extensively on the play itself and on at least four scholarly essays or books (found via the MLA bibliography).

Develop a careful thesis, support with logical arguments, and utilize scholarly resources. Follow MLA guidelines for quotations from the play and from scholarly works. List in your endnotes all works, articles, and websites consulted.

Due: December 13. At the time scheduled for our final exam you will present your paper/arguement to the class for discussion/debate.

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