As the Ice Leaves  
Zac Drumm & ChatGPT

In the desolate expanse of the Arctic, where icy landscapes once stretched as far as the eye could see, a solitary polar bear named Koda stood upon a shrinking ice floe. The frigid air that once embraced him was now tainted by the harsh reality of a changing world.

Koda's once-pristine white fur now bore a tinge of melancholy, mirroring the fading beauty of his surroundings. The vast ice sheets, once a playground for his kind, had receded into mere patches, leaving behind a watery graveyard of memories. He was the last of his kind, the guardian of a realm that had crumbled beneath the weight of human indifference.

As he gazed into the distance, Koda's mind traveled back to a time when the Arctic was alive with the vibrant echoes of his kind. The camaraderie among the polar bears, the playful antics of cubs on the frozen plains – all now felt like fragments of a distant dream. He could almost taste the crisp Arctic air of yesteryears, a bittersweet reminder of what was lost.

The ice beneath Koda's massive paws groaned and shifted, mirroring the turmoil of which he and the arctic have endured over the past years . He recalled the days when he could traverse the frozen expanses effortlessly, hunting seals and reveling in the frozen splendor. Now, the ice was a precarious platform, betraying the trust he once placed in its unwavering stability.

His memories danced like elusive snowflakes, each one a poignant reminder of a vanishing world. Koda remembered the auroras that painted the sky in hues of green and purple, the rhythmic crunch of his footsteps on the pristine ice, and the soothing sound of waves breaking against the frozen shore.

The temperature had risen, not just in degrees but in the weight of loss and solitude that bore down upon Koda's broad shoulders. Koda now spends most of his time searching for another one of his kind.

With a heavy heart, Koda raised his noble head to the darkening sky. His breath, once a proud proclamation of life, now mingled with the whispers of the vanishing winds.In the fading twilight, Koda let out a mournful roar, a cry that echoed through the Arctic silence. As the last polar bear, he stood alone on the shrinking ice floe, waiting to hear a roar back.

Prompts and Collaboration with ChatGPT

To get this story I put in 2 degrees after climate change the first-person perspective of the last polar bear in the arctic reminiscing about his past. I wanted to get the animals perspective on how climate change is affecting them. I changed the prompt a few times trying to make the story more emotional, by stating he's the last one of his kind searching for others.

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