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     2º    What's a Mother To Do?      A journey to climate activism
     2º    As the Ice Leaves      Last polar bear in the arctic
     2º-3º    Pacifica Verde Island      Anna becomes a leader
     3º    A Desolate California Coastline      Father and daughter face heat and disease
     3º    Sow and Reap      A scientist creates a breakthrough
     3º    Iridescent Determination      From a fish point-of-view
     3º    Joining the Resistance      A beacon of hope
     4º    Arctic Echoes      Environmental collapse in Northern Canada
     4º    Political Stalemate      US Government and global diplomacy
     4º-5º    The Sanctuary      An opportunity to travel to a haven
     5º    Waves of Resilience      Floating homes on the East Asian coastline
     5º    The Eye of the Storm      A storm changes a tropical village
     5º    Middle School      A classrooom of the future?   
     6º    Hang in There Baby!      A bunkered billionare